Spring Cleaning…in the Kitchen

cleaning supplies

photo credit: back to her roots

Ladybird T’s post pumped me up and kick started my plans to spring clean the kitchen. Now, I do what I have to do but I am not one of those people who just love cleaning. But the kitchen is one of those rooms that needs some undivided attention. Since we’re in the beginning of the season, now is the time to do the deep clean and organization before the weather gets so nice that you’ll want to spend all of your time outdoors.

photo credit: the chic site

photo credit: the chic site

I thought this list might be helpful but to tell you the truth, I don’t even know what my refrigerator coils are and I’m even less enthused to vacuum them. Instead, I definitely want to tackle the pantry cabinets and refrigerator. I’m sure I have a few things that are well past the expiration date and need to be tossed. I want to organize my cabinets and place the items that I use most in the front and the least used items in the back or higher shelves. That way, I don’t have to move a ton of items just to get to the honey that I use every other day. I have used these plastic and these glass containers for my flours, sugars, rice, pastas and other dried goods. It definitely adds more visual appeal and still seems to keep the items fresh. May need to get a few more…you know, for uniformity and all, hahaha.

Here are some other tips to organize your pantry. Are you up for the challenge?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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