A Birthday, A Concert and A Vintage Purse

Yesterday was my *#th birthday. You already know the tradition of going to my favorite Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo but I got started planning my celebration for me and the hubby two months ago. I recently discovered Alice Smith, thanks to BET’s Black Girls Rock special and following Tracee Ellis Ross on instagram. She performed a cover of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fool for You” and killed it! I quickly downloaded her recent album, SHE, on itunes. That’s when realized that I was already kind of late to the game on Alice Smith. SHE is her second album. Nonetheless, I was happy for my late discovery because her voice is A-maz-ing. So rich, soulful and deep, she has me really wishing I could carry a decent tune.

photo credit: blah blah birds

photo credit: blah blah birds

Anyway, I found out that she was going to be in concert in Chicago on May 2, just a few days before my birthday but well within the time frame of the week-long celebration I generally adhere to. I told the hubby that I wanted to go and strongly suggested that he purchase tickets. One caveat, tickets were not on sale when I told him. That means he would have to remember, with my random gentle reminders, to check back for when the tickets would be on sale. A couple of weeks ago, I checked the ticket sales site and it said SOLD OUT. Woah! Good for Alice Smith but was all I needed to know was if I was going to be in attendance or not….

I’m excited to say my sweet hubby was on it! We were in there. Chicago, here we come and Happy Birthday to me!

The concert was at City Winery, which has locations in New York, Nashville, Chicago and Napa. The venue was located in the revitalized (according to the hometown hubby) West Loop neighborhood, near great restaurants like Au Cheval and The Girl and the Goat.

City Winery houses a restaurant area, lounge and a separate room for performances, where you can also eat dinner and of course, drink wine. It’s the perfect intimate setting for a night of live music, great for date night or girls night. Alice Smith’s performance was perfection. It really is all about her voice, you really feel every word and note. You must see her if you have the opportunity.

photo credit: blah blah birds

photo credit: blah blah birds

Funny story for the night, as I was leaving, I noticed this lady eyeing my purse. I carried a classic Louis Vuitton envelope clutch that I recently got from my mother. My mother was trying to sell this vintage bag at a random garage sale, just because! The purse is in excellent condition and she probably would have accepted $10 for it. The absolute horror when I realized she was thinking of selling it instead of giving it to me as a hand-me-down family heirloom. Well the lady noticed that we had similar purses. As we were chatting it up, she explained that she got hers from her mother too! I just had to snap a pic because what a small world.

photo credit: blah blah birds

photo credit: blah blah birds


And how lucky were we to have such stylish mothers.

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D

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