Mommy-Chic Monday: Must Wear White. . .

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

Recently, I had to attend a ceremony for a social group and one of the requirements was “uninterrupted white.” A task that had me a little stumped, but a fashion challenge I was more than happy to complete! How hard could it be to find a white dress and shoes? It’s spring and one of the most popular events these days is the “all-white” party; so I didn’t imagine this to be too difficult…Well…

First of all, white is not my favorite color in the fashion food chain. Personally, I like the crisp, clean look of it, but never thought it was the most flattering of looks on me. So my mission began with an array of internet searches. Let me just tell you, internet white and true white are two very different things! Case in point, I initially ordered this dress and these Charles by Charles David shoes and thought hey, I’m all set-NOT!! Much to my surprise the shoes were fine, but the dress-not white, but more antique/beige. Now, I’m generally one to bend the rules a little bit, but for my first meeting, I wanted to show good face and follow the script. So, my mission began once again; and with less than a few days to spare. Last minute quest, meant looking here, of which I had little luck and then I found this, but it wouldn’t arrive until after the event-Yikes!!! Now, I’ve got one day to spare…Nordstrom here I come! Tried on a few greats, but this Chelsea 28 was the winner and quite flattering, if I do say so myself!

photo credit: google images

photo credit: google images

Of course, after the fact, I see nothing but white dresses that might have easily worked, like this, this, or this! So, Im definitely doing some bookmarking and on the hunt to find another perfect white dress, because All White is undoubtedly, here to stay!!


photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

P.S., In all my searching for the “perfect white dress” I also stumbled across my new favorite lip gloss by Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Mirage! Thanks to This That Beauty and Instagram, I had flawless lips and a fabulous dress!!!

p.p.s., Happy Birthday to the Hubs!!! The #1 man in my life!!!

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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