Sock Swag

My hubby tends to fancy himself a quite fashionable guy. see below

Let’s just be clear though, I picked out that shirt. 😉 I admit, he has great style and of course, I think he looks pretty darn good when he dresses, even without my suggestions. Typically, he tends to have more of a classic style while I love to mix in colors and patterns, which he thinks is sometimes overkill and a nod to my hippie California upbringing. But, I think I’ve started to make some progress in injecting a little of my flair to his wardrobe. Although I’ve picked a few shirts and sweaters that he’s loved, the real game changer has been his socks! Yep! I got my baby on the fancy sock trend. And I have gone absolutely crazy buying socks every.single.chance.I.get! His sock drawer is spilling over with polka dots, stripes, pastels and bright colors.

I was a little nervous about approaching the topic of sprucing up his sock game because I knew I had to do it ever so gently so he would be receptive. To my surprise, it was not that difficult. When I bought the first few pairs for him, he claimed that he liked them and said he would wear them but I was not sold until I saw them on his feet. Shortly thereafter, I started getting a “pic of the day” of my hubby’s sock and shoe combo (see above). I was so excited and clearly he was too!

I get such a kick when I see he has on his “jazzy socks,” I just love it. My favorites are by Hook & Albert and Paul Smith, but those are way expensive. Etiquette, Cole Haan and Ted Baker have a good selection of patterns and colors, which are more friendly on the pockets. Plus you can always catch some on sale at good ole’ Nordy! We even found a pair of H&A on sale at the store!

I’m even recruiting my Ladybirds to get their husbands on board. Ladybird T has already gotten a few pairs for her hubby and I’m sure Ladybird J will be placing an order once she reads this post!

Men…have you upped your sock game?

Ladies…are you getting the men in your life a little sock swag? Do tell.

Chat ya’ later,
Ladybird D
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2 thoughts on “Sock Swag

  1. Well, I can say Mr. Ross has great style. The socks really add some spice. I’ve gotten the hubby many pairs of colorful and printed socks, but he just goes for the same black or brown socks everyday. Maybe he doesn’t even remember they are in there. lol!!! Great post and I will get on my mission to get him to wear the ones he has before I purchase more. 🙂

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