Rock White Birks. . .

Memorial day weekend usually kicks off the Summer fun, but actually the season does not officially start until June 21st. So, we are still Springing it, but dust off your white pieces. . .it’s time to Rock your White!  I love a white maxi dress, a crisp white blouse, and a pair of white jeans, but usually not too fond of a white shoe.  I’m thinking this might change after the White Birkenstocks have been catching my eye lately. . .they’re everywhere!   It’s like a sign I should get me a pair.  So, fresh chic!  I’m a true Birks girl and always have had a pair, but lately I’ve wanted a bunch more.  Also, they have been so comfy during the last days of my pregnancy. . .slip on and go.   Are you with me?


Here’s a little inspiration for you. . .



Birks are back!

Are you feeling it?


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Ladybird J
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5 thoughts on “Rock White Birks. . .

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  2. I own three pair that I picked up in Venice, Italy on my honeymoon! However I am loving this white pair! I own a white patent leather single strap pair. Time to upgrade!

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