Icy Pops


photo credit: shutterbean

photo credit: shutterbean

I know I talked about ice cream last week, so bringing you more summer sweet treats today was not really in my plan. However, this post entered my social media and blogosphere yesterday which led to a bit of an obsession. I mean, how delicious do this boozy popsicles sound?! So good in fact that I immediately logged on to Amazon and ordered these popsicle molds. With prime shipping, I will get them on Thursday and am super excited to put these babies to work. Tracy has a few others that I want to try, like this and this. But I don’t want to only have refreshing boozy pops in my repertoire, although nothing seems to wrong with that. So to prepare myself to get the best use out of my new kitchen gadget, I did a search to see what else I can try. There are plenty of ideas and combinations or you can create your own. There options made the top of my list…

photo credit: martha stewart

photo credit: martha stewart

melon berry ice pops

photo credit: 84th&3rd

photo credit: 84th&3rd

whole fruit ice pops…YUM!

photo credit: sassy kitchen

photo credit: sassy kitchen

concord grape and lemon zest popsicles

photo credit: honestly yum

photo credit: pastry affair

roasted strawberry red wine popsicles

photo credit: poppy talk

photo credit: poppy talk

milky vietnamese coffee popsicles for a little mid-day energy

photo credit: heather christo

photo credit: heather christo

 How cute are the old school mango vanilla honey push-up pops

 So, are you off to purchase your own popsicle molds?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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4 thoughts on “Icy Pops

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  2. Those whole fruit ice pops look so tempting right now. Between me and you, it is pretty darn hot outside, and those ice pops remind me of the ones me and my brothers would eat when we’d visit Louisiana for the summer as kids. Now you wanna talk about hot and humid….that was some serious heat back then.

  3. So funny, I just ordered Popsicle molds too. Found some paletas recipes in bon appetit. Those coffee pops look great! Think I might freeze my chai latte into pops!

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