Red Bread…



The husband and I decided to try a new breakfast spot, so we ended up at Red Bread in Culver City.  Found out about this neighborhood gem on Instagram and it’s been on my list. Owned by husband-wife team, Rose and David. Read more about them here.  What I love about this place is the one community dining table.  You order first, then sit down and they bring your order to you.   We met a really nice woman there with her 10 month old daughter.  We chatted about motherhood and she gave me some really great advice about labor and beyond.  The food is amazing and so fresh.  Everything is organic and made in-house. They also have a grocery delivery service on Sundays.  Perfect place start your mornings. . . can’t wait to go back!


red bread

red bread


What we ate . .

Llapingachos-cheese stuffed potato pancake with a fried egg on top, bacon and greens on the side.





and the hubby had the Meatball Hash- pan-fried sourdough, lamb, pork, and beef meatballs, spicy marinara sauce, and arugula


photo via red bread



The pour over coffee was amazing, and I enjoyed watching my cup being prepared!




Red Bread is definitely a must if you are visiting. I look forward to going back to pick me up some fresh breads and jam made in-house.

Definitely a little gem of a place!


chat later
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