Blah, Blah, Tuesday Music Spotlight. . .

photo credit: qtiptheabstract

photo credit: qtiptheabstract

Came across this interview while browsing my Insta-feeds. Another reason why we love social media-Music Highlights!! The Ladybird’s loved the music of the 90’s and Tribe Called Quest was definitely one of our faves!! The Low End Theory was in heavy rotation for us and a highlight of our high-school days!  Check the Rhime, The Jazz, Skypager, Scenario( Busta Rhyme is all we have to say). . . The list goes on and on!  And we can hardly wait for the 25th Anniversary album of the Low End Theory to drop (Can you believe it’s almost been 25 years since that album dropped circa 1991??)!!! It’s sure to be another classic!!!  Enjoy this Tuesday Treat and take a musical journey down memory lane with Q-tip. . .

What’s Your Favorite TCQ Album?

Let the Music Play. . .

The Ladybirds

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