Key & Peele

photo credit: comedy central

photo credit: comedy central

Have you guys seen Key & Peele? I’m clearly a little behind since they are on their fourth season but its new to me. My girlfriend sang praises of the sketch comedy duo and told me I had to watch it. I am so glad I listen because I am hooked! The show is laugh out loud, tummy hurting funny. I started with season one last weekend but the parodies and impressions have been so accurate that the hubby and I will be up to speed in no time. Check out some clips from season one below (didn’t want to spoil it for myself with more recent clips)

*beware of the language, NSFW

President Obama is a fan too!

Are you already a fan or will you tune in for some laughs?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D



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3 thoughts on “Key & Peele

    • I am so very late to the fun! I should’ve known you’d be a fan my comedic genius friend. Why didn’t you tell me about the show??

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