Anthro Loves. . . Shibori!

photo credit: Anthropologie

photo credit: Anthropologie

It’s no secret that I undoubtedly spend a LOT of time and $$ in Anthropologie! What can I say, it’s a pretty amazing place; one stop shopping if you will(exactly what we mommy’s on the go need) and they house classics as well as the latest in trends! Speaking of which, have you all jumped on the Shibori print trend? I couldn’t help but notice this Asian take on tie-dye, popping up all over my local Anthro! I mean everything from maxi dresses to dish towels!! It’s pretty eye-catching!

Here are a few of my Anthro-Shibori Favorites. . .







And a few other finds. . .



Are you feeling it?

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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