Fat and The Moon. . .

photo credit: fat and the moon

photo credit: fat and the moon

As a mom of two very active boys, I’m forever on the go, on a mission, ripping, running…you get the gist! Which means, this momma may at some point break a sweat or two!!! Yes, I do get my sweat on, outside of the gym, don’t you? Which is why, I’m constantly on a mission to find the perfect ( I know, no such thing) or just the “right” deodorant for me!! Which brings me to my latest product adventure…Fat and the Moon! Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I’m always trying out a “new product”, so deodorants fall right in line with my product experimentation. Along with my good friend Erika, who I am constantly bouncing new deodorant finds off of, I am determined to find the best product there is out there! I was using this, until I recently discovered Fat and the Moon (another great Instagram find; love insta) thanks, Prettymommy! This line of natural and I do mean totally natural, like they are growing their own plants and all (see the blog) has a little bit of everything. From foot powders (trying this next) to belly balms-for the expecting mommy’s to toothpaste and oh, so much more!!!! I’m intrigued by it all and the price point won’t offend you either!

photo credit: fat and the moon deodorant cream

photo credit: fat and the moon
deodorant cream


So, for now Im trying out the Deodorant Cream, which everyone on social media raves about and I could hardly resist purchasing after reading the product description (hilarious). . .

Got that “wha, wha” feeling every time you buy natural deodorants? We all want to switch our chemical laden products but don’t necessarily want to be stinker for it!

This Deodorant is for the full spectrum of stinky. The coconut oil and aluminum FREE baking soda base are a bacteria checking dynamic duo. Mixed with the moisture absorbing properties of arrowroot and the antimicrobial properties of the essential oils, you and your pits will never be happier! The scent starts with a lovely harmony of black pepper, bergamot and a hint of citrus with a base of clary sage. The scent is light enough that it won’t compete with another fragrance. A word to all my black clothes loving people: this deodorant won’t leave those chalky white streaks that make you look like you’ve had a mime in a headlock.

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

I was sold!!! Now, I must admit I was a wee-bit hesitant with having to apply by hand, but I’m over it and after a long day at the play ground, in 80 degree weather, chasing after kids, I sniffed my pit (in private; I can’t help but keep it all the way real) and I was still fresh to def! And, I’m not looking back!!! I even convinced Erika to purchase a jar! It’s the truth, yall!! Get yours here and here!

What is your go to deodorant?

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

(smelling like roses and orange peels)

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4 thoughts on “Fat and The Moon. . .

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  2. I love you, Toni. Every time I read one of your posts, it’s like your hologram is in front of me- facial expressions, intonations, all of it. Ha! I can even see you “sniffing the pit…” lol

    • LOL!! You know me! I just cant explain how much I LOVE this product!!! I should have done a Vimeo of this post so everyone else could feel my joy! Ha!!! Soon. . .Thanks for Reading E!

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