Weekend Breakfast: The Sycamore Kitchen…

blah blah birds

blah blah birds

Breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal of the day, and it usually includes an egg.  I’d rather meet you for breakfast than dinner.   L.A. has some awesome breakfast spots and I’m sharing them with you.  First up, Sycamore Kitchen!  It’s one of those spots that you can’t get enough of, because of the yummy pastries, fresh-baked breads, and they crank out a lovely little Tuscan Latte (they call it) with rosemary, caramel, and sea salt.  The pairing is unusual, but it works.  Sweet of the caramel and savory from the rosemary and sea salt hits your tongue pleasantly with a smooth richness and a bit of a smoky end.  If in L.A., you gotta try this lovely drink. Oh, and I got mine with almond milk. . .tasty goodness!


Me enjoying my latte. . .


blah blah birds



Now, for the food. .  .

We ordered Brioche French toast sprinkled with granny smith apple slivers and white raisins, Fried Egg Tartine with avocado hummus, arugula pesto, tomato, and spinach all atop a fresh piece of rustic country bread, and a side of breakfast potatoes.  Best breakfast I’ve had in a long time except for the husband’s amazing signature Dark Chocolate Chip pancakes. I’ll have to post the recipe one of these days, if he lets me.  We also got a slice of their Dark Ale Ginger bread and Raspberry Polenta bread.  Both are my favs, and that’s what I usually breeze in to get if they haven’t run out.



blah blah birds


blah blah birds


What’s your go-to weekend breakfast/brunch spot?

Chat later, 
Ladybird J. P. Archie
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