L.A. Hot: Côte

Whether you live in L.A. or visiting soon,  you gotta check out Côte.  Côte is a new toxin-free nail care shop that screams California beach with a hint of the South of France.  It will surely take you there as soon as you walk in.  Located in Brentwood on the westside of Los Angeles, it’s the epitome of Cali-living.  Offering a pocket-friendly simple menu of manis and pedis that last a long time, 109 toxin-free hand-poured polishes produced by them (available online too), a retail shop full of goodies and perfect gifts, and warm customer service.  Even offering your services outdoors where the Cali sun can hit your face.   It’s a haven you don’t want to miss, and on top of that, right next door is my new fav dessert spot. . .SusieCakes.  Perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Let’s go inside. . .




This is L.A. Hot. . .check it out!

chat later,

Ladybird J.P. Archie

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2 thoughts on “L.A. Hot: Côte

  1. This looks very nice. I’ll have to keep this place in mind. General question for any of the ladybirds….do they serve you alcoholic beverages at these type of nail salons? Nothing too heavy but rather something like a two glass maximum of wines or margaritas.

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