Fall Cook Booking

Like clockwork, as we begin to usher out the warm, lazy summer days, here come the release of a few highly anticipated cookbooks this week from a few of my favorite food bloggers and instagramers. Just in time to console my grief as we change seasons with the promise of new dishes to sample in the cooler months ahead. With the help of Amazon prime, wishlists and pre-orders I might see my UPS guy a little more often these next couple of weeks. I’m sure the hubby will complain about the amount of packages I get but he’ll quickly simmer down when dinner is served. Let’s take a look…


photo credit: i am a food blog

With fun recipes like coconut almond rice krispie treats, honey mustard chicken thighs and bourbon peach julep fizz on the blog, I am sure that Stephanie will not disappoint when it comes to getting creative this fall.

photo credit: how sweet eats

photo credit: how sweet eats

We’ve all been a fan of Jessica‘s for a while now and have featured her on the blog many, many times. She is a hilarious writer and takes the most fantabulous photos of her food. From her bourbon bacon whipped sweet potatoes, to brussels sprouts and bacon pizza, or salmon with dijon cream and garlic butter breadcrumbs…my girl is not afraid of butter, bacon or booze! #winning

photo credit: instagram

photo credit: instagram

This cookbook doesn’t come out until next week but I am oh so excited about this gem from Zoe Nathan. I’ve been to her restaurant Milo and Olive, Huckleberry Cafe and Sweet Rose Creamery in Los Angeles and have enjoyed every meal there. Following her and her restaurant on instagram makse me instantly hungry so I can only imagine what the cookbook will do! Pre-order done!

So what do you think? Are you logging on to Amazon now too? I’ll make sure to share which dishes I try!

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D 
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