Kid & Coe…

kid & coe-amsterdam

kid & coe-amsterdam

Happy Fall!!! I wanted to do a post on Paris fashion week street style today, but wanted to share something with you all while fresh on my mind.  While Web-jaunting in the early morn yesterday, I came across Kid & Coe via SollyBaby’s Instagram page.  I know I’m probably late on finding out about Kid & Coe, but I didn’t have a kid.  Now, I’ve got a kid and kid stuff is heavy on my radar.  We want the best for our babies, right?  So, the husband and I just got back from a short vacay to D.C. to see fam and friends, June’s first trip.  We researched and researched where to stay to make sure we had every amenity to make June’s trip comfy and cozy.  We wanted to make sure it felt as close to home as possible, so a hotel wouldn’t do.  We decided to go with Airbnb, and rented a loft with a free parking spot, lots of windows, and a great location, but not as clean or baby-friendly as we would’ve liked.  This is where Kid & Coe comes in to save the vacay…


kid & Coe- copenhagen

Kid & Coe is a travel site with kid friendly family vacation destinations from North America to Australia.  Parents share their homes, neighborhoods, and cities with other parents traveling.  Baby proofed, it’s the perfect place to stay equipped with changing tables, baby bathtubs, cribs, strollers, or swings for soothing, and you didn’t have to lug it all on a plane. Genius!  Wish I knew about this when we planned our trip to DC.  I’m ready to go again, just so I can use Kid & Coe.

Take a look at some of their properties. . .


Kid & Coe

Kid & Coe-Amsterdam


kid & coe-belgium

kid & coe-belgium


kid & coe-paris

kid & coe-paris


Kid & Coe, mommy and daddy approved!



chat later,

Ladybird JPA

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