L. A. Hot: Salt & Straw


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I’m back again with L.A. Hot…literally!  It has been scorching hot in La La Land for the past couple of months and all I can think about is how to stay cool (no A/C in the house).  What better way to stay cool than to inhale a couple of scoops of freshly made “cold” (ice) cream, and I’m not talking about the stuff for your face.  I think I’ve had my fair share of the cold cream in the past few months.  Some of my favs are Sweet Rose Creamery (soft serve dark chocolate is amazing) and Carmela (awesome ice cream sandwiches), but a new one just flew in from Portland, Oregon called Salt & Straw and I think I’m headed there today.  I have a few more weeks before I have to hang up the sweets and treats.  Come sweet November,  it all has to stop. . .operation lose more weight!!!  The baby weight is gone, but I’ve got a few decades to get off before I turn 40 next year.  Yes, 40!!! I know, I know. . .I look great, but we’re not talkin’ age, we’re talkin’. . .Cold Cream!  So, Salt & Straw looks so yummy and the flavors are amazing.  To name a few. . .

Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Avocado & Strawberry Sorbet (really?)

Tomato Water & Ojai Olive Oil Sherbet (seriously?)

Stumptown Coffee & Compartes Love Nuts (had me at Stumptown coffee)

Let’s Go Inside. .  .



salt and straw

L.A. Hot for. . . Cold Cream!!!

Chat later
Ladybird JPA
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