Bag & Bangle…


ladybird JPA

On my second visit to Anthropologie this week (no judgement, it’s my fav store), the most chic little bag caught my eye. I love my accessories and consider myself a handbag connoisseur. So, when I saw my two loves (handbags and jewelry) tied together in this cute little package, I just about had a party in my pants. Ha!  A beautiful yet wearable brass w/ turquoise bangle attached to a very fab petit clutch with built-in leather slots for your cards inside as well as a zipper pocket, I thought to myself. . .perfection!!!  Definitely a great bag for a night out!  Who is this Cleobella (the designer) person and why hasn’t she been on my radar?  I’m loving this bag and wanted to bring it home with me, but decided to just put it on my Christmas wish list and back away slowly.  I did have a little fun at the store wearing it for a while. . .


ladybird JPA




ladybird JPA


Happy Shopping!!

chat later,
Ladybird JPA
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