Petit Trois

Sometimes you go to a restaurant and you wonder why you listened to the reviews on yelp only to become a victim of the hype.

Sometimes you go to a restaurant and the meal is good. Not bad at all…but not great. Those are the meals where while you’re eating the food, you are enjoying it but the likelihood of remembering each bite, sharing your experience with others or even returning to said restaurant is slim.

There there are the restaurants where the food and experience immediately change your opinion on what your last meal request would be if you were ever faced with the challenging question. This is the meal where each bite of food awakens your 10,000 taste buds and you can barely get through the meal because you are in complete admiration after each forkful. This is the meal that makes you so happy that you feel the need to do a shoulder shimmy as you’re eating (true story). This is the restaurant where the staff makes you appreciate their attention to detail and that customer service still exists. Sometimes you get the unforgettable meal but not the experience or vice versa. But when you get both….we’re talking best meal ever status! For me, this has always been Mustards Grill near Napa, CA. And after last Friday, I can eagerly add another contender to that list.


photo credit: blah blah birds

photo credit: blah blah birds

No, not Tasty Thai. I find it humorous and special that they did not take down the previous establishments signage. But look closer. You see…

photo credit: blah blah birds

photo credit: blah blah birds

Petit Trois…a Parisian style bar in the middle of Los Angeles. It’s the sister restaurant to Trois Mec, which I have yet to experience but hear that the food is fantastic. With Trois Mec’s two week advance, ticket only reservation policy, I was excited to read about Petit Trois here and how easily accessible it is. Thankfully, this does not take away from the quality of the food. If you haven’t guessed it already, the experience at Petit Trois was phenomenal.

photo credit: blah blah birds

photo credit: blah blah birds

Everything sounded delicious but we knew we were getting the omelette and the steak frites. We also tried the salmon rillettes and gougere. The complimentary baguette, freshly made by a lady out of her bakery exclusively for the restaurant, and butter were show stoppers. Oh the butter baby! It was sinful…smooth, creamy, sweet and salty…we talked about it so much the staff finally told us this was it. Take a look at the food

petit trois

I can’t forget to mention the staff. The waitstaff was friendly, attentive and engaging. Seated at the counter facing the open kitchen we were able to watch the chefs prepare most of the dishes. The process of making the omelette was simply a work of art executed to perfection. The chef de cuisine, Sydney, made the napoleon dessert with such pride and precision that he later shared he was nervous making it in front of everyone although we could never tell.

petit trois2

Trois Mec is still on my list of restaurants to try but until then, I’ll just visit Petit Trois on my jaunts to LA. In the meantime, you must add this casual neighborhood place to your list and get there immediately!

Have you ever been to Petit Trois?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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