Lipstick Queen…



Happy Thursday!!!

This week is flying by and that’s probably because it’s my last week of maternity leave.  Yep, going back to work next week and June goes to daycare.  Sad about both, but I know once I get into the groove of things, all will be well.  This week I promised myself to do what I wanted and spend lots of time with my girl.  So, we slept in late and headed to Barneys to play in some make-up and smell a few fragrances.  June was such a little lady and had everyone smitten.

Lately, I’ve grown a bit tired of the usual suspects from MAC cosmetics, and thought it was time to try something different. . . Lipstick Queen here I come!!!  I went to their counter first and never left.  They have such amazing colors and are so friendly to the lips (gluten-free).  They have the Saints (10% pigment/sheer), Sinners (90% pigment/opaque), the Velvet Rope (creamy matte) collections, and a few more I didn’t get to.  I tried a few of the Sinners, none of the Saints, and a few of the Velvet Rope. Oh, and they have an invisible lip liner and a lip gloss pencil that comes with its own sharpener.  Loved both and will add them to my make-up bag soon.  I fell in love with Scarlet Red Sinner, Entourage, and Jean Queen lip gloss. I have to go back to try more stuff, but for now I’m going to enjoy showing off my new Lipstick Queen. I think I’ll be hanging with LQ for a while!

Recently Updated12 Love the velvet box the Velvet Rope lipstick comes in.



The gold casing makes me happy!!!


Recently Updated13I’m wearing Scarlet Red Sinner and Velvet Rope Entourage. . .lovely and feels so great on my lips.


On the fragrance front, I loved Serge Lutens and Byredo Parfums Seven Veils.  Will add these to my Christmas list. 🙂



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