Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit


It’s November, 80 degrees in L.A., but I’ve been thinking about a warm and cozy bowl of soup.  It does get a bit chilly at night!  I don’t usually post about food…we have the lovely Ladybird Dy for that, but I thought I would throw things off today and share some soup recipes on my list this Fall/Winter.  My favorite soup “of all time” (my husband loves to ask me what’s my favorite “of all time”…)  is Split Pea!  Ooohhh, my mouth waters just thinking about it, but wait…I found this beautiful Fennel and Carrot soup yesterday on my go-to food site, Bon Appetit and my tummy started dancing.  Doesn’t it look super tasty? Imagine dipping some fresh crusty whole grain bread in it…just to cozy for words!

Here’s some others that got my tummy dancing a JIG. . . (click on list of soups for recipe)

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 Kale and White Bean

Chorizo and White Bean

Split Pea

Italian Vegetable Stew


Is your tummy ready for Fall/Winter cooking? Mine is! 

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