Hat Attack. . .

Lately, me and my favorite fedora have been getting reacquainted.  Having a pea-shaped head, doesn’t always lend itself to finding hats that won’t swallow me up. So, Im always excited when I find the perfect hat; which leads me on my latest quest. . .More hats!!!! I’m having a hat-attack, yall!! Im really in love with the wide-brimmed fedora style. Last spring I scored one similar to this one at Anthro for $15 bucks-STEAL!!! Love, the rich navy color of this one. It’s a great alternative to basic black, which also never fails. Perhaps you want to try a little color? Try this one from Biltmore and Madewell. Or, keep it all the way classic with this steal of a deal, camel-colored fedora or how about this one with its cute leather bow trim? But, maybe you’re feeling a little adventurous? Love this!! I’m definitely feeling a little turban adventure in my future!

photo credit: urban outfitters

photo credit: urban outfitters

I’m ready for a hat-adventure!!!

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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