Food Tour through New Orleans

Happy 2015!! I hope you all had a great holiday. By now, you’re getting back into the swing of things with resolutions, new starts, and of course, cleanses. If you are in the middle of the latter, you might want to bookmark this post for a later read because I am going to share about a quick jaunt to New Orleans the hubby and I took after Christmas. And if you know anything about New Orleans, you know that means food, food and more food. Eating was my main priority and agenda for this two-day trip and I definitely succeeded.

New Orleans is a city that is known to have incredible food from the hole in the wall restaurants to the award winning dining by some celebrated chefs. So you can’t really go wrong when it comes to planning your meals on a trip like this. Plus, I had my handy dandy list ready for the N’awlins feast.

First up, Camilla Grill. Some would question going to New Orleans, where creole, seafood and southern cuisine is in abundance but hey, good food is good food. So we started with diner/American fare. I immediately pounced and ordered a cheeseburger and a chili cheese omelette with fries. The waiter did a double take to clarify that this was all for me when the hubby placed his order. I let him know that I did not come to play games, lol. The cheeseburger was fantastical…a perfectly cooked patty on a butter grilled bun! The omelette tasted light and was not too heavy despite having chili on top and filled with cheese. I read that they whip the eggs in the blender creating more air which could explain why it was so light. Whatever the reason, it was delicious and I did not feel bad about eating all that goodness.

Next up, we had cocktails as Cane & Table. I read about this Caribbean bar that was famous for the Boss Colada, a pineapple rum drink. The atmosphere was adult friendly and laid back, perfect to get the evening started. Then we headed to Kingfish for dinner….and more cocktails. Hubby ordered the shrimp and scallops over goat cheese grits and I had the sea bass special served on a salt block with crispy spinach. Each dish was mouthwatering and insanely satisfying. We couldn’t stop eating off of one another plates. We skipped dessert here because of course, Cafe Du Monde was on the late night calendar. After trolling the French Quarter and going to the casino, we made our way back to Decatur St. to indulge in some late night powdered sugar madness. This was actually a great time to go because there was no line. I don’t think I really have to talk about the light, pillowy goodness of beignets…we all know deal. And we know how I love good, fried dough. We were happy that New Orleans is a walking city as we stumbled back to the hotel with very full and satisfied stomachs.

I woke up the next day ready to do it all again. Most places didn’t open until 11am…except Willie Mae’s Scotch House, which opens at 10am. I read that if you want to get in and out before the crowd, its best to get there before 11. Let me tell you after all this time and my proven track record, the hubby was skeptical of pick. Hmph! I just shook my head and was elated when the food spoke for itself. Supposedly one of the top places in the country to get fried chicken, we did just that, in addition to the fried shrimp and fried catfish platter and red beans and rice. This was the best meal we had in New Orleans and up there with one of my best meals ever. The seafood was amazing, the crunch on the fried chicken was light and crispy…we basically cleaned our plates with no problem at all. Willie Mae’s was so good, we returned the next day, coincidentally sat in the same seats with the same waiter and ordered the same thing. We were a little later for our arrival and the wait was definitely longer but the food….oh the food!

Next up, District Donuts in the beautiful Garden district. You know there is no way I can travel to a city and not try one of the popular donut shops. More than donuts, District Donuts is also popular for their sliders, which looked yummy. After leaving Willie Mae’s there was no way I could force myself to eat a slider when a donut was on the agenda. The donuts are huge with fancy flavors and the people were super friendly. I could see this being a daily frequent stop if I lived in New Orleans.

For dinner, we went to Peche. The owners of Peche, Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski, have another New Orleans staple with Cochon, which was also on my list. But since the hubby is “no meat no pork”, it seemed like the duos award winning seafood restaurant in the Warehouse district would be a better fit. Since we sat at the bar, I didn’t take any pictures so I’ll just tell you what we snacked on. The smoked tuna dip and shrimp & fontina croquettes for an appetizer, we ordered the shrimp roll, full of sweet shrimp, the smothered catfish and an order or brussels sprouts for the entrees and then we shared the key lime pie for dessert. It’s no mystery why their restaurants are so popular. The food was excellent and only left me wanting to make Cochon a priority on my next trip!

Not bad for two days. A great way to indulge and close out 2014 leaving me officially ready for 2015!

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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