Up and Coming: Zeldan + Festus


If you know me, then you know I love local, indie, and Up and Coming designers.  Zelda + Festus, a Nigerian-American blogger and designer based in Edinburgh, is one I’ve got my eye on.  Oh, and she went to Howard University…we could be besties.  I came across Zelda + Festus on Instagram and then started reading her blog every week.  Zelda’s personal style is fun, colorful, chic, and very unique. She being an alumnus of Howard University, I should have known why she had so much style and personality.  I love love love how she mixes classic with trendy, vintage with designer pieces to bring forth an amazing street style.  She recently started a collection using original Ankara and printed fabrics to design accessories and clothing, and she sells a beautifully curated collection of vintage earrings.  I’m definitely a fan of colorful and vibrant prints, so I look forward to seeing what she has “up her sleeve” for future collections.  I’m sure it will be fab!

Here’s some of my favorites in her Etsy shop

Keep your eye on this one!


chat later
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