Recipes for love…



Valentine’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a home cooked meal. Last year, I gave you this idea but this year what about the gift of a cookbook that just screams romance, passion, love, and comfy foods you can enjoy with your sweetheart.   Well, I’ve got one for you. I was visiting my favorite store Anthropologie and came across the cookbook The Newlyweds by Sarah Copeland.  I got lost in it and found myself sitting in the store flipping through the pages and reading recipe after recipe.  It didn’t help that I was hungry too!  Newlywed status for me has long passed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this cookbook.  I wanted to buy, but I thought this would be a great Vday gift from a friend or even the hubby.  Simple recipes, made easy with love!  I can definitely get with that at anytime in my marriage.



Here’s some of my fav recipes from the book…

the newlywed cookbook

the newlywed cookbook

make ahead lasagna



the newlywed cookbook

the newlywed cookbook

oatmeal-yogurt pancakes with blackberry crush



the newlywed cookbook

the newlywed cookbook

open-faced soft-boiled egg sandwich




the newlywed cookbook

skillet corn bread



more lovely cookbooks…

Plenty More


Bar Tartine

French Market

The Little Paris Kitchen


cooking with lots of love…


chat later
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