Fit & Focused. . .

photo credit: blahblahbirds Working it Out at Work!

photo credit: blahblahbirds
Working it Out at Work!

How’s your New Year’s Fitness routine working out for you? For me, Winter has put quite a damper on my outdoor, walk-it-out routine. I was on a good roll, with 3 times a week, pounding the pavement before heading to work, up until late December and then the real cold set in and hibernation status was in full-effect!

photo credit: blahblahbirds

photo credit: blahblahbirds

But all is not lost. Thanks to Fitness Crew, I’ve continued to keep in motion and do some sort of cardio, weight training, treadmill exercise on a daily basis(sometimes, every other day)! Yes, the Fitness Crew has a daily, motivational, check-in, where we text our fitness routine for the day! It’s pretty great!  One of the ladies recently introduced us to Ballet Beautiful; are you familiar? Don’t be fooled by the ballet part of it, this workout is NO JOKE!!! But, I love the fact that our (almost) daily check-in’s keep us on track and help change up what can sometimes become a monotonous, boring, less than inspirational, event- The Workout.

photo credit: ballet beautiful

photo credit: ballet beautiful

So, how are you staying on track? Has your job started a walking group? Mine has, which I think is also pretty great! Most of the ladies and a few gentlemen, have invested in a Fitbit, which is a terrific way to stay on course! Here are a few, fashionable choices by Tory Burch for Fitbit

photo credit: tory burch

photo credit: tory burch

I also like to log my walks/runs using Map My Run. And My Fitness Pal also keeps me on the path to good eating, by logging my calorie intake, which is great because, it gives me an incentive to work out, so I don’t feel guilty for  having that extra cupcake(not that I really did anyway)! Let’s keep it real, everyone deserves a cheat day here and there, right? I’m also planning to try this in the next couple of weeks. All steps in the right direction, as my Journey to 40 continues!!

photo credit:  flat tummy tea

photo credit: flat tummy tea


I may not always feel like moving my body, but it helps to have friends, apps, gadgets, and teas to keep me Focused!! And when all else fails, I hit the pavement and walk-it-out!!

How are you staying Fit & Focused?

Chat ya’ Later!

Ladybird T.


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