Workout Wear

photo credit: old navy

photo credit: urban outfitters

I wouldn’t mind looking this stylish when I workout!

Ladybird T and I are of the same mind this week, all about maintaining that pesky resolution…the workout! Winter is not an ideal time to get out and get active but unlike Toni having to bear with mother nature in the DC area, we tend to have a milder impact in the south. Don’t get me wrong though, my workout routines have consisted of gym and studio visits. Three days a week, two days doing weight conditioning with a trainer, still trying to get those Flotus arms and donkey booty, and one day getting my yogi on during yoga hour. I have a tendency to go through spurts in my enthusiasm for exercise, going hard for a few weeks and then falling off for upwards of six to eight months. Not bragging, just some honest reflection, lol. But so far, 2015 has brought more consistency and I haven’t missed a beat in the past five weeks. I even found myself making up my missed day when I made a quick trip to LA. That is definitely unheard of for me.

I’ve upped my game a tad but I used to workout in old, oversized t-shirts and the baggiest of jogging pants. Then I realized that I was the only one at the gym in ratty clothing. Plus, if there were errands to run after the gym, it would be nice to look decent (some may not agree). So I promised myself that if I worked out three days a week for one month, I could add to my collection and reward myself with some new workout gear. I mean these workout pants, tank tops and tennis shoes are just a bit too expensive to frivolously purchase if they end up collecting dust in my closet. But I’ve earned a few new items.

photo credit: athleta

photo credit: athleta (pants, jacket, pants)

It helps that the hubby fully supports and encourages my workouts so I got my first few “reward pieces” ^^^^ from him, by the way of valentine’s day. Dinner + shopping = I’ll take it. Eyeing a few of these for my next months pat on the back.

photo credit: old navy, lululemon

photo credit: old navy, lululemon

this, this, this, this


photo credit: old navy, shopbop, nordstrom

photo credit: old navy, shopbop, nordstrom

this, this, this, this, this


can’t forget the tennis shoes

My girlfriend teased me and told me I was going to be a gym rat investing in new gear and all but becoming obsessed with working out is so far from my nature. But I might as well look good while I’m working on my fitness.


Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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