Spring is in two weeks!!! Time to do a little Spring cleaning…purge and restock.  It’s also a great time to switch up your personal fragrance or gift your sweetheart a great new fragrance as a  “just because” Spring treat.  Recently, I came across Kerosene fragrances on Willy’s Detroit’s Instagram. The bottle caught my eye as it is very simple yet very chic and modern.  Love the bronzy label and square bottle.  It just looked like it was filled with an awesome smelling fragrance.  Like I do with most things, I Googled it!  I couldn’t decide on which scent to purchase, so I bought the sample box with all 11 fragrances.  i rather pay $50 for samples (price has gone up since i purchased) instead of $140 for a scent that didn’t work with my chemistry.  They all smell great!  Now, I have 11 fragrances to have fun with and share with the hubby.  My favorites are Copper Skies, Unforsaken, and Unknown Pleasures. Would love to try the limited edition scents too.  All fragrances are unisex and you can do a custom fragrance.  Check it out or maybe gift a sample box.  You’ll thank me later!


willy's detroit

willy’s detroit



Have you come across any new fragrances? 

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