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I’m excited to say that I finally started my own Mama’s group called MAMAN (french for Mama).  I kicked off March with my first meeting and we all had a blast.  The mamas chatted and the babies played.  I must say, I have an awesome and fabulous group of mamas and the babies are just adorable.  During the meeting, I offered a baby food tasting featuring Lizzy’s Garden Organic baby food.  I came across Lizzy’s Garden on Instagram and promptly checked out the website.  At the time, I was making all kinds of organic purees for June, but she just would not eat them.  This is where Lizzy’s came to my rescue.  I bought a few jars and crossed my fingers…June loved it.  Unfortunately now, June has moved away from pureed food and is now eating table food.  Yep, didn’t take her long to jump on what Mom and Dad were eating.   I definitely wish I had found Lizzy’s Garden earlier, but I’m happy I was able to share the food with my Mama’s Group.  And…the babies loved it!  Lizzy’s Garden  so graciously sent me sample cups and spoons for the tasting, but by the end of the meeting they eating straight out the jar.  Gotta love that!!!

Check out some photos from the tasting…











 MAMAN Approved!!!!

Thank you Lizzy’s Garden!!!!

chat later
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