Varnish Lane Nail Salon. . .

photo credit: varnish lane

photo credit: varnish lane

Happy Monday!  I can hardly believe the weekend is over and done!! I don’t know about you, but my weekend was quite eventful. At the top of my weekend to-do was attending a gala celebrating the 75th anniversary of an organization which I belong to. In preparation for the big event, which included the likes of Mr. Beat-Box, Lodi-Dodi, Show-Stopper himself, Mr. Doug E. Fresh, I totally needed a manicure. I had recently seen a news interview with a mother and daughter duo, who recently opened a new kind of nail salon in DC, which featured Waterless-Manicures and Pedicures…A little obscure and unheard of to me, but like my husband says, I’ll try anything and so I did!!!

photo credit: varnish lane

photo credit: varnish lane

Varnish Nail Salon is everything aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Upon entering this tranquil, cottage space, you are immediately drawn to the abundant, natural lighting, the clean beige and white interior and the wall of amazing nail hues!!! I was definitely impressed. Now, how would this whole, without water thing really go down…

I was kindly greeted by the owner and her mom and they were so helpful with helping me select from the array of colors, which were amazingly color, sorted. I even discovered a new nail line and Rodeo Drive might be my new favorite red!! I then was offered a glass of water, tea, soda, or Mimosa ( I passed on that, since I knew the night would be filled with lots of cocktails) what a treat!! And to top it off, the glasses all dawned the Varnish Lane-VL monogram-Nail’d it!!!

So, how was the actual manicure? Well, I had the Main Lane manicure, which included cuticle treatment, special oils, shaping(Squoval is my shape) and a warm towel to top it off!!! No Water, with the exception of the initial hand washing, with their own personalized soap-Nail’d it again! Love this place!!! I will definitely return! I thoroughly enjoyed the company of  my nail technician Renita and will definitely return! I’m thinking of hosting my dinnerclub at the venue for a nice change of scenery (they host parties too)

Varnish Lane...

Photo Credit: Blahblahbirds

Varnish Lane-Nail’d It

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T. 

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