To Blue Apron or Not

photo credit: blue apron

photo credit: blue apron

Have you guys tried Blue Apron meals? Blue Apron is a food delivery service, based out of New York, that delivers farm fresh ingredients and original recipes so you can prepare the meals at home. It seems to be all over my Facebook and instagram timeline recently that it makes me feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t been given my free trial. What’s up with that? Everyone raves about it’s ease, convenience and of course, delicious meals. It sometimes makes me think part of the deal with Blue Apron requires you to share your meal on social media or maybe you can’t use their service anymore.


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photo credit:

I’ve also come across a few local (Atlanta) meal delivery service companies. Garnish & Gather offers locally sourced and organic ingredients, for pick-up or delivery, to make a newly created recipe by local chefs.


photo credit:

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And then there is PeachDish. They also feature local Georgia ingredients but unlike G&G, they offer nationwide delivery.


photo credit: serious eats

photo credit: serious eats

Even though I’ve yet to try any of these services or their seemingly life altering concept, I think its pretty neat that you can get all your ingredients pre portioned for the meal you are cooking to reduce waste. As someone who hates to throw away food, I know that buying ingredients for a recipe and not knowing how or when you will use the leftovers again can be a turn off for folks.

Honestly, I’ve never had an interest in trying the service because I love finding my own recipes, I love going to the grocery store and all in all, enjoy the whole process of cooking. But my interest is more than peeked at this point. I might not become a full on member but I’m itching to get my feet wet in the meal delivery waters. So I ask…

have you tried Blue Apron (or something similar)? Should I?

Chat ya’ later

Ladybird D
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4 thoughts on “To Blue Apron or Not

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  2. Honestly, I think you’re too good a cook to use it. I think it’s better for the novice cook like me who is not going to stray from the recipe. It’s easy and convenient which is what I love about it.

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