L.A. Hot: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


Spring has landed and we celebrated the first weekend of Spring with some Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.  What better way to start the season than with a little something sweet.  Jeni’s Ice Cream Shop finally snuggled into La La Land, Los Felix to be exact, with a huge Grand Opening…free ice cream for all from 7-10pm on opening day only.  Of course life for me has changed (I’m June’s mama, now!) and I couldn’t stand in a 2 hour line with her, so no free ice cream for me, but surely made sure I got there before the weekend was over.  Had to pay, but worth every bite.  The ice cream is so darn yummy!!  If you are not in a city with an Jeni’s ice cream shop, then order online here or find in your local market.  It’s pricey, but a splurge every now and then is just fine.



Let’s go inside…
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Hanging with the fam! June really enjoyed people watching.






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Pops of orange make you so happy and want ice cream!!!



Recently Updated1

Milk Chocolate Bombay was amazing. Just read what’s in it!






Our flavor choices…



Cup: Intelligentsia Coffee and Savannah Butter Mint Cone: Milk Chocolate Bombay No.3 and Salted Caramel



Don’t pass up on the Splendid things in life!!!

chat later
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