Heather Taylor Home. . .


When I think of Spring, one of the things I think of is Spring Cleaning.   My kitchen is my domain.  I cook two to three times a week, and there are always dishes to wash and counters to clean.  Recently, I decided to purchase some new tea towels, but I wanted some that I would love to admire while cleaning and drying dishes.  So, I immediately went to the Heather Taylor Home (HTH) site to make my first purchase…I’ve been dying to buy some of her cute linens.  When my tea towels arrived, I was pleasantly surprised!!  They were even more lovelier than I thought, so I went right back online and bought another set. They came packaged so sweet, and I even received 10% off my next order.  They are hand-woven, soft, and come in three vibrant colors. Perfect for drying dishes or counter tops, great used as a liner for a bread basket for entertaining, a lovely backdrop for picnic food or a vase of flowers.   Really, you can use them anyway you like.  Just enjoy them!


Heather recently used hers underneath this yummy bowl of yogurt and apples. . .




Here are a few more HTH goodies I have my eye on. . .


Table Cloth-HTH



Baby Blanket-HTH



Hand Towels-HTH



Spice up your kitchen with a little Heather Taylor Home!!!



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