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photo credit: nars  Body Glow

photo credit: nars
Body Glow

I know we just entered spring, but that only means summer is on the horizon and all I can think about is fun in the sun, soaking up the rays, and getting bronzed-beautiful! But, how does one preserve that summer-sexy-glow?? Hello, Nars Body Glow! I recently had a lunch date at this old fave with one of my good, girlfriends (thanks, KBH) who has a wealth of great beauty tips, up her clever little sleeve and after lunch we made a quick stop at Sephora and Bloomies! Along the way, she spied The all over, body oil by Nars, which is simply the beach in a bottle and put me on to how Amazing the product is at giving you that sun-kissed, tropical glow!!! She swears by it! And once I got a whiff and sampled on my own skin, I couldn’t stop dreaming about it and how this might be my only accessory needed when I set sail, here for my big-birthday-bash!!! They don’t call it Body Glow for nothing!! Can’t wait for Summer!!!

Will You Be Glowing This Summer?

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T. 

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