I Love L.A. . . .

I’m back from my L.A. excursion! It was a fantastic, food, family, and fun-filled adventure, as usual! It involved a lot of driving, also part of the usual, but all very much worth it! I truly miss L.A.. You just can’t beat the weather, the food, the beach, and most importantly spending time with family and great friends! Most of my immediate family is on the East Coast now, but I could truly see myself being back on the West Side, if for nothing else, to have a Winter/Summer home getaway…One day….Until then, here is a little pictorial recap of our family excursion in the LA!

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My L. A. Excursion…

Oh, and as I said here, we tried out a new hotel this visit: The London West Hollywood! It totally lived up to our hotel standard of quality! The decor was amazing and eye-catching, the grounds were prestine, and the rooms (all suites by the way) were spacious and comfy. Oh, and the bathroom, which is where most of my time is usually spent (I do have two small boys) was Huge, brightly lit, and very modern! Great location and impeccable service! We just loved Ms. Amanda, who worked at the front desk and was majorly kid-friendly(she does dinosaur dances too-loved her). We also checked out the La Brea Tar Pits and had the best drinks here!

L.A. was the perfect way to kick-off our summer vacation!

How will you vacation this summer?

Chat ya’ later!

Ladybird T.

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3 thoughts on “I Love L.A. . . .

  1. LA is absolutely great indeed! I once stayed at the Shutters in 2013 and absolutely loved spending time at the beaches! At another time, I even had the pleasure to enjoy a food tour in down town, a unique experience as well! However, this summer South Africa is calling!

      • I was invited by Riot back then, but I’m sure this tour is offered publicly as well! Thanks a lot. I hope I’ll also love the country and its amazing wildlfie 🙂

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