Eating Summer’s Best

photo credit: serious eats

photo credit: serious eats


Summertime heat means summertime treats. With the bounty of fruits and vegetables this time of year, I want to make sure I take full advantage before the season ends. Stone fruit salads like the one pictured above, or this one I might try. Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, cherries, watermelons and more. From salads, to sandwiches, cocktails and lemonade, or cobblers, crisps plus homemade ice cream! Yum-my! I’ve got to get busy in the kitchen. See what’s on my to do list…


heirloom tomato, avocado and burrata sandwich or mexican corn on the cob


cherry pie crumble bars or coffee bourbon chocolate chip ice cream


watermelon margaritas or cucumber mojitos


and even though this is not summer per se, who can resist a good queso

photo credit: amateur gourmet

photo credit: amateur gourmet

queso with chorizo


What summer seasonal treats are you cooking up?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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