Shoe Crush: Bryr Clogs…

video credit by la tonya yvette

Isobel Schofield

Ok, so I wanted to do a post on clogs last Summer, but for some reason it never happened.  I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and this video by La Tonya Yvette sparked my interest in yet another clog brand.  La Tonya really made me want a pair of these cuties not to mention almost everything she wears.  BRYR clogs are handmade in Northern Cali by Isobel Schofield and inspired from West Coast style.  These are definitely on my long wish list!  I love clogs!! They are great year-round especially out here in these L.A. streets and comfy on the feet.  I can wear a heel and not be uncomfortable or unstable, I’m just not the best at walking in heels and I’m cool with that,  but still need a little height every now and then.  Anyway, check out some of my favorites from BRYR, and get a pair from here or here (wait for a sale)!


Don’t you just love them?

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Ladybird J
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