Cape Blazer


photo credit: nasty gal

photo credit: nasty gal

My wishlist keeps getting longer and longer….le sigh! At least this piece is affordable and totally doable, once I get back from Jamaica. The cape blazer is so right up my alley. I love a good blazer and am good for always having at least a light cardigan to just gentle drape over my shoulders. I always tend to get a little cold and there is no better way to take the chill off and feel cozy at the same time. So when I spied the link to this blazer on Joy the Baker, I was immediately drawn to it and hooked. I can so see myself getting plenty of wears out of this.

Let’s look at a few more…


photo credit: revolve

photo credit: revolve


photo credit: ADASA

photo credit: ADASA


photo credit: misguided

photo credit: misguided


What do you think? Will you throw on a cape?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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