Skirt Poppin’ Good…

Get skirt poppin’ good as you transition into your Fall wardrobe.  I’m usually not a skirt girl, but will add a few to my closet this Fall.  I’m loving the bold and bright prints I’m seeing, it’s sparked me to take a second look.  The thing with skirts is that I always have a hard time deciding what top to pair with it that I don’t have to tuck in.  I’m not a tucker!  Are you a tucker?  Ha!  It’s just not comfy to me, but I do belt my blouses.  Love to accessorize, so belts are my thing!!!  Well, whether you are a tucker or a belter definitely add a few fun skirts to your closet.  Need some help?  I’ve got you covered!!




a-line skirt flatters all, pick bold and bright prints and pair with a cropped sweater



awkward length, but might work for someone tall




mini or slit skirts add that sexy for a night time option



high-waisted maxi skirts are always great but will work well for the shirt tucker.



vintage is always a great idea



Happy Shopping!


chat later
Ladybird J
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