Here’s to 40 Years of Jiggy



Today is our Ladybird J’s FABulous Fortieth!

And we couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning 40 memories and reasons why we love her dearly!

an oldie but a goodie

an oldie but a goodie

Her Style. She can rock Vintage like no other

Her creativity

Her on-the-go spirit

Her I’ll take a Cab Not Waiting on Anyone Gusto!

 Her love of music

 Her incredible loyal spirit to her family and friends

Her giving heart

Her smarts and wit!

Her love of travel

Her love of Jamiroquai

Heeyyy....40 and loving it!

Heeyyy….40 and loving it!

Making answering machine greetings to Da’ Brats So Funkdafied!!!

Her love of Grits and Gravy at the State of the Union

Her no nonsense, don’t F-around attitude

Her ability to plan and execute an all-star event!

She is resourceful and will search and find you whatever you are looking for

She still watches the Young & the Restless

She knows the lines to the entire movie of coming to America

She knows how to decorate and style a space

She is determined to finish what she starts

She makes us laugh


an Usie

an Usie

She has a magnetic smile

Her contagious laughter

She is the most loyal friend

Always thoughtful

She likes to watch TV with subtitles

She has a mean shoulder pop when she dances

She tags us on insta on restaurants to add to our must try list

She never missing an opportunity to get up and go

She is always happy when good things happen to her friends

She will be your cheerleader til the end

the Archie family

the Archie family

Her love for her husband

Her love for her baby girl

Her love for her family and girlfriends

Her flawless eyebrows, never had to wax!! So jelly!

Her love of Jamaica

 She’s a Francophile

She’s a constant Wanderlust

Her technical skills with the blog

Her love of latin jazz music

And did we mention her great sense of style!

the Ladybirds

the Ladybirds


So please join us as we celebrate Our Girl, Our Sister, Our Ladybird! Join us is wishing her the Happiest of Birthdays from Atlanta, to DC, all the way in LA and all points in between!



We love you
Ladybird T and Ladybird D


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