Love It or Leave It: The Waistcoat

Happy December, BBB Readers!!!  During one of my recent late-night online window-shopping on, I came across The Waistcoat aka a Vest.  Now, I know a Waistcoat to be a vest for Men as part of a three-piece suit, but I never thought to call a vest a Waistcoat when referring to womenswear.  I’ve always called it a Vest, and I’m not a fan of Vests, but I do like the sound of Waistcoat better, don’t you.?  Ha! Anyway, Zara has some really great ones and now I’m on the hunt for the perfect Waistcoat. Who would have thought I would rock a Vest, oops…Waistcoat?!?!  I’m feeling the Waistcoats that look more like sleeveless coats than your typical vest at the waist, and they are great for L.A. weather to just give you a little layer without the heaviness of a full coat.   Just my preference!

Here are some of my favorites…I love #1!!!


1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(click on the number to view)


Love It or Leave It?


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