Happy New Year!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but The Ladybirds needed a bit of a break.  Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and a great start to 2016.  Speaking of 2016, we all make goals for the upcoming year and we really try to stick with them, but as I was catching up on some blog reading this week,  I came across this article on Mother Mag that made me say “ok, why haven’t I done this?”  The title of the article is 2015 Reflection: 16 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2016.   Well, it’s 2016 and I haven’t reflected yet, but it’s not too late.  I think reflection is important to move forward.  Not only is it eye-opening and inspiring, but also it shows you how much you have grown and the areas you need to focus on in the new year.  Not only is this great for you to do, but you can also do it as a family. Thank you Mother Mag for inspiring me to go deeper in my reflection.

Mother Mag Questions…

What 2015 accomplishments am I most proud of?

What are some takeaways from those triumphs?

In which areas did I struggle most in 2015?

Which of these difficult situations did I overcome? (Or work to overcome?)

Which friends supported me most this year?

Which friendships changed and shifted?

What are some new skills that I learned?

What are some things I’ve learned to accept about myself this year?

Name 3-5 positive memory-making experiences from 2015.

Name a couple of negative memory-making experiences.

In which areas did I see the most personal growth and change?

What did I learn about myself in 2015?

What am I most grateful for in 2015?

What did I gain in 2015? What did I lose?

What things do I want to leave behind in 2015?

Which things do I want to take with me into 2016?


Find a quiet space and join me in reflecting on 2015.

Happy Sweet 16!!!


chat later

Ladybird J

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