Flip & Rewind – Boss Selection

boss selection

photo credit: instagram

When your girl from high school calls you and says she wants to recreate the 90’s with the rest of your girls from high school, what do you do? You hop on a plane and make that sh*t happen! We were all former song girls in high school so this was basically like our childhood dream come true.


photo credit: blahblahbirds

Dancing…in a music video…with a 90’s vibe…with your besties?!?! Yep, pretty much a highlight to close out 2015. And it’s finally been released for all to see. The song, Flip and Rewind off of the Boss Selection album, definitely gives you a nostalgic vibe. The video pays homage to some of the best songs and videos from the decade. And the fashion! Oh the fashion! Shoulder pads, high waisted jeans and my favorite ghetto hoop earrings. Just watch. You’ll see. You’ll love!


Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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