when Faith kicks in


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Just after Thanksgiving, my faith was tested like never before. What we thought was a routine cortisone shot in my husband’s hip turned into what we now know was a life threatening staph infection. At first, we thought it was just a flare, an intense pain reaction that would go away. No big deal, it’ll subside in a few days. But then it was pain that was so severe that he could not move. Hospitalization! A fever with worsening symptoms. And then the dreaded diagnosis of a staph infection. He had to have an emergency surgery to remove the infection from the hip.

WHAT?!?! How did we get here?? One week prior we were hosting Thanksgiving with family and friends, eating, playing games and enjoying each others company. And then literally, my husband’s life was being threatened and my world was turning upside down.

I tend to not ask for help easily or often. I think I can do it all and just try to manage everything that comes my way. And I don’t always think of myself first. Self-awareness is ongoing for me and although my friends might have known this about me, I am just starting to acknowledge that they might be right about some of these traits. But when life happened…in the most major way, my faith kicked in and my family and friends stepped up.



photo credit: blah blah birds


My husband was in the hospital for two weeks and has been out for about five weeks now. The recovery has been, well, slow but steady. The adjustments and changes to our daily routine have lead to some tense and trying moments. But our strength and determination, our love and our faith have made this journey doable. We’ve got a ways to go but we are both grateful that we’re moving in the right direction.


Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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7 thoughts on “when Faith kicks in

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  2. Just another reminder of how important it is to be in the present moment. Thank you for sharing this! Sending love and light your way!!

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