A L.A. Gem…


Cozy Chai

I’m always for finding the not so trendy spots of Los Angeles.  Quiet spots that you don’t feel the hustle and bustle.  Places that you walk in and feel like you are on vacation.  Well, you all are definitely in luck today because I’m sharing my special breakfast spot with you…Cafe Verona! Yep!  It’s my go-to spot for a solo breakfast, meetings, meet-ups with girlfriends, a romantic breakfast with the husband (he loves the french toast), and brunch with my JunePie (she loves the polenta and chicken sausage).  It’s a quiet Italian breakfast and lunch spot nestled along busy La Brea Ave.  If you drive too fast, you might just miss it.  I started going there years ago for store meetings when I worked at a boutique on La Brea.   I’m either sipping on a cozy latte or chai, enjoying every little bite of my Polenta con Uova with roasted tomatoes, or trying to decide between the applewood bacon or the chicken apple sausage.  Really you can’t go wrong with anything.

Recently, I met a friend there to discuss a project I’m working on and she had never been there.  We met around noon, but I didn’t have breakfast yet.  I’m realizing since I turned 40 that I must have a proper breakfast every morning.  When I say proper, I mean it has to be breakfast food.  It can be as simple as a slice of raisin bread or a full-out breakfast like an eggs benedict.  Oh, and yes coffee has to be involved.  So, she ordered lunch and  I ordered my Polenta con Uova (polenta and eggs).




Let’s go inside…









Polenta con Uova

(underneath the egg is the yumminess of roasted tomatoes and onions)




Cozy and happy at Cafe Verona Selfie…


Cafe Verona is clean, the service is great, and the food is exciting.  Check it out if you’re in the area! 

Ladybird J

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