When Kids Dress Themselves


photo credit: joanna goddard instagram

Last week I saw this picture of cup of jo’s son that she posted on instagram and it made me chuckle. A few times. I realized how much I love it when kids dress themselves. I mean the things they put together.  Here, her son has on leggings, with a mismatched top (you can see the blue dinosaurs that are not on the pants peeking from the top of his jacket), a raincoat and goggles! I mean, the goggles really set the whole outfit off.

I wanted to keep the chuckles going and see more kids who had dressed themselves. After a quick google search, I found there is a whole instagram page / website dedicated to this very topic, @whenchildrendressthemselves


photo credit: when children dress themselves



photo credit: when children dress themselves



photo credit: huffington post



photo credit: huffington post



photo credit: when children dress themselves



photo credit: huffington post

this little guy is not dressed crazy at all but here we go with the goggles again, lol

I know there is a time and place but I just love how kids express themselves with their clothing choices. I don’t recall, or have any pictures, suggesting that I had such creative licenses when I was a toddler. Although my husband might beg to differ when I where something now that he might think is too colorful or doesn’t match. I don’t know how I will be when I have my own kids but I’d like to think since seeing other kids dressing themselves brings me a little joy, I might let my kid do it do.

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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One thought on “When Kids Dress Themselves

  1. Oh I love this and see it often, working with children. Choose your battles is often how I justify some of the obscure outfits I have seen over the years. I haven’t quite let go of the reigns in my own household but I just might let the boys get loose this weekend!!! I’ll post to insta for sure!!!!

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