Flour Sack…


my flour sack towel

I know I know!  New York Fashion Week starts today, but I had to share this.  Next week…Streetstyle!!!

In the New Year, I secretly said to myself that by year-end I would totally be free from using paper towels.  They are so wasteful and expensive over time…my household is pretty much dependent on them. You would think it would be so easy to just stop using paper towels today, but it’s more complicated than that.  First, we are dependent on them, they are a quick grab to wipe up spills and wipe hands, and much more sanitary than a cloth that breeds bacteria.  The only thing is we are so wasteful and usually tear off more than we need.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect alternative for paper towels, and I think I found it…Flour Sack kitchen towels!!! Yep, these towels are looovely!!!  Here’s why…

  • They are awesome at drying dishes…no streaks or leftover water.  One wipe, dishes are dry!
  • Takes excess water off of veggies and fruit quickly
  • Great for covering food in microwave
  • Great for holding the teapot handle while hot
  • Great for wiping up spills and dusting
  • An amazing makeshift bib for the little one.
  • Great dinner napkins
  • Easy to clean and stains come out great

The list can go on.  So, where did I find these?  Target!  I was heading to check out and I eyed stacks of nicely wrapped packs of bright white towels just waiting for me to buy them.  The price of $3.99 for three towels was great, so I grabbed them to try.  So glad I did!  These will be all I use from now on when it comes to a multi-purpose kitchen towel.  Perfection!









Get some, today!

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