Black History


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Sorry for the late post y’all, time got away from me. On top of a bit of procrastination mixed in 🙂 I had this post in mind but was going to save it for next week to end February. But since this has been proclaimed by the interwebs as the best or blackest black history month ever, I thought, why wait. With the super bowl performance by Beyonce that caused all sorts of commentary, some controversial and some comical, then the genius that is Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance and then last nights airing of the Black Panther movie on PBS (its on my DVR and I cant wait to watch it tonight) we might kind of be on a role this February.

BHM Women

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What caught my attention were daily postings by my “facebook friend.” I say that loosely because I have not seen or spoken to her since elementary school umpteen years ago but we are friends…on facebook. Ya’ll know how that goes. Anyway, each day this month, she has shared a simple post, “I am ” and inserts a name of a notable black female. And then she adds hashtags with #blackhistorymonth #lookherup #sayhername. I have absolutely loved what she has done and have felt all kinds of inspired. There are some that I am more familiar with than others and there are different and obvious reasons for her suggestions but I plan on going through the whole list. I’ve linked the names to general articles for basic information to get you started but I hope you want to continue learning more just like I want to expand my knowledge base.  I want to encourage us all to Say Her Name!

Joy Ann Reid

Graham Du Bois

Avis Ridley-Thomas

Maya Penn

Marissa Alexander

Norma Sklarek

Dorothy Height

Katherine Dunham

bell hooks

Dr. Elaine Batchlor

Dr. Marimba Ani


Bree Newsome

It is OUR history!

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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