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Do you guys watch Married at First Sight? #MAFS? Have you even heard of the show?

It’s a reality show on FYI that they call an “experiment.” The premise is that “the experts”, a sociologist, a sexologist, a clinical psychologist and a religious leader, match three couples for marriage. The hook… the couples meet for the first time at the altar. That is how the show begins, with a wedding! Then the couples go on a honeymoon, move in together and have six weeks to determine if they are going to stay married or get a divorce. Sounds hella crazy I know, but I’m kind of hooked. My mother and hubby think it is dumb and therefore cannot understand why I like it. They can’t understand why I watch any reality show for that matter. So this is like my weekly guilty pleasure, one of them.


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The show is actually in its third season and I have watched every one. But this season… this one is the best. I admit I am a little biased because this season I am so proud of the #blacklove couple. There was a black couple on the first season but they were just short of disastrous and of course got a divorce at the end while the other two couples stayed married. There was not black couple during the second season but all three couples during the second season got a divorce. I was really hoping that if there was a black couple this year, it would show a better representation of #blacklove. And boy have they done me proud. Tres and Vanessa have shown that a young black couple can be loving, committed and willing to work. Don’t get me wrong, they are not without issues and baggage, but how they are working through their “stuff” is admirable and inspiring. It is interesting that the black couple in the first season were a bit older and a bit more settled in their ways, and they struggled! A little different from young Tres and Vanessa. The season is ending and the couples are getting ready to decide if they are going to stay married or not. And while I am always rooting for love (I think Neil and Sam should stay married too), I am definitely rooting extra hard for Tres and Vanessa. If they don’t stay together, Tres is going to have a long line of ladies at his door. #blacklove!

Have you watched #MAFS?

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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2 thoughts on “#MAFS

  1. I watch it religiously!!!! It’s a good show, but gets a bad rap because it’s reality. Also, I think there’s value in match making. Arranged marriages can work!

    • Girl, didn’t you feel bad for David the other night though? I knows it’s edited but Ashley didn’t seem to put forth much effort. Twitter was going hard on #MAFS yesterday. Still hopeful fot Tres and Vanessa

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