sweet tooth in NYC


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During our recent girls getaway to NYC I was all about the sweets and I was on a mission! We all know my love of doughnuts and we’ll definitely get to that in a bit but I was more than determined to get to Brooklyn for a slice of Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie. After following them on instagram for the past year and replicating their salty honey pie and sweet potato apple crumble pie at home, I just had to taste the original. I got my Ladybirds hooked on their insta page too so everyone was equally excited.

And when I tell you the pie did not disappoint…I had two slices and was wishing I had bought a whole pie. Full of great flavors and the crust was perfection. The whipped cream could have used a little more powdered sugar and vanilla but I didn’t need it anyway. I’m just ready to plan another quick trip to Brooklyn simply to get some pie.

They don’t ship their pies, understandably so, they want to preserve the integrity of their pies. But until they figure that out (and I’m really praying they do) we have been focused on finding someone to get us a pie and ship it to us. Any takers?? We’ll take care of the shipping and a slice for you 😉

I got up first thing Saturday morning to head to Dominque Ansel’s bakery, a short walk from our Soho hotel and home of the famous cronut. It was early, 8 a.m, but Ladybird J joined me because I didn’t want to miss out. All of the pastries looked so yummy, we got a variety of treats to take back to the hotel but dug into a few things at the bakery. Freshly baked, warm madeleines (YUM!), a berry and chocolate cronut (they offer one flavor only an rotate the flavor monthly) and the frozen s’mores.

Now i know the bakery is known for the cronut and that is what got me there but the cronut ain’t got nothing on that frozen s’more. Vanilla ice cream in the middle, surrounded by a layer or chocolate, all covered with a marshmallow that is frozen and then torched upon ordering. This is easily one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Absolutely genius and delicious. Not something you think about eating at 8 a.m but I’m so glad I was on vacay, so anything goes. I’ll definitely be back for the frozen s’mores when I pick up my pie.



creme brûlée doughnut for life

No way I was heading to NYC without getting my most favorite fancy doughnut. The creme brĂ»lĂ©e doughnut at the Doughnut Plant is every.thing! It’s actually what they call a doughseed, so just a couple of bites, but filled with a smooth vanilla custard and then caramelized on top, just like creme brĂ»lĂ©e. You just can’t beat that crackly sugar coating. I wish I had access to this doughnut daily, but that might be dangerous. Actually, I wouldn’t care, this doughnut really makes me happy. And Ladybird J captured just how much.


best design to go coffee cups

Worth the mention, Maman was not on my list, but we popped in here while waiting for our Uber. Super cute spot but what I really loved were these to go coffee or tea cups. Aside from the french inspired floral pattern on the fitted sleeve, the top’s design is genius to prevent spillage. I inquired about them selling these cups because they were that perfect (Starbucks could really learn a thing or two from them because I am tired of the coffee always dripping from the lid). Although they don’t sell the cups now, the staff said they were planning to sell them soon so I’ll definitely be checking their websites for updates.

I did not get to every place on my list but I was quite happy with the sweet spots I did make it to. What are some of your favorite spots in NYC that I can add to my list? And I’m very serious, any takers out there willing to ship me some pie?? Leave a comment below 🙂

Chat ya’ later
Ladybird D
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