L.A. Hot: Shake Shack



A New York-based Burger Joint has landed in West Hollywood, and the family and I got to experience it opening week. It was a fun night standing in line for 45mins at the newly opened Shake Shack while June watched Mickey Mouse shows on the iPhone (yep, we have become those parents…no judgement!) and the husband and I chatted it up about random stuff in the news.  As we got closer our bellies got more excited.  Once in, we ordered the Roadside Double burger (a West Coast exclusive), The Chick’ n Shack, Peanut Butter shake, and a root beer on tap.   No kids menu… le sigh! June had lentils and rice from Casa Archie.  By the time we sat down to eat, both our cell phones lost power.  Yep, no more Mickey Mouse or photos.  So, you know June had a huge FIT because the phone went black.   Screaming at the top of her lungs!! All I could do is laugh out loud.  It was so ridiculous!  I would not be surprised if they put us out.  The husband took her for a short walk and when they came back all was right in June’s world.

Side note: If you hear or see a kid having a meltdown, please don’t stare at the parents like they are the worst parents in the world.  Please and thank you! Ok, back to the food…



I have to say that I loved the Roadside Burger and could do without the Chick’ n Shack.  The Ladybirds love it, but I was not feeling it! Maybe it was just too much sauce, and I thought there would be slaw on it.  Hmmm…disappointed!  Anyway, Shake Shack is a burger joint…let’s just stick with The Burgers!  With that said, the burgers are really awesome and in my opinion, they taste better than In-N-Out. (Yep, exhale…) I know, I know…I probably lost a lot of respect from my native Angelenos, but I’m just being honest.  Don’t get me wrong, In & Out is really good, but Shake Shack’s burgers just melt in your mouth and have a really good bite from start to finish. You can eat one in seconds because you bite it, it melts, and it disappears! Also, the bread is amazing.  And that Roadside Burger, all I’m going to say is the onions are sauteed in bacon and beer. Whaaaat? Yep, that’s just awesome sauce all day long! They had me at bacon.  Oh, and I can’t forget about the fries…perfection!  So, next time you’re in L.A., drive passed that In-N-out and head to Shake Shack!  We will definitely be going back but when the novelty wears off a bit!


Let’s go inside…



IMG_3723 (1)




Great family night out!

chat later, 
Ladybird J
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